What is the Alexander Technique?


Alexander Technique is a unique, practical system for re-education of mind and body. Anyone can learn it and everyone can benefit.


In lessons with a teacher you discover your own particular ways of holding onto tensions and habits.


Often noticed primarily as physical, habits exist on every human level. Our physical tensions and other habits are our strategies for dealing with the stresses and strains of life and arise early on, often staying with us, unchecked, forever. They can hinder much of our activity and are difficult to let go of, unless we consciously address them.  

They can translate into pain or discomfort on many levels. 

How lessons can help:


One-to-one lessons with a person trained to help you gain an awareness of how you hold tension – and teach you how to let go of it – can be the first step to receiving relief from all manner of ills.

I work with your unique patterns and talk you through a series of instructions in movement and stillness, including ‘hands-on’ work. Instructions will be different for each individual. I will also give you some work you can do by yourself. 


In lessons the student is always actively engaged in the process.Guided by the teacher's hands and voice, you learn how to use your thinking process to help you let go of undue muscular tension and discover a state of poise and ease. 


As we continue, your application of these methods will improve. Most people notice positive changes of all sorts within 6 weeks. Things like improved sleep or digestion can be among these changes.